This article is only applicable to recruiters with scheduled video interviews. Make sure you selected video as your interview method when you added your time slots so that you can have multiple interviewers. You will not be able to change the interview method of appointments that have already been booked.


To invite a colleague to join you for a video interview:

  • Go to the platform and enter the relevant job fair.

  • Click on the Calendar icon on the top right to open your calendar in Schedule View.

  • Click on Share video link on the interview card and then copy the link so you can send it to your colleague:

  • Now all you have to do is send the copied link to the person you are inviting to the interview!

πŸ’‘ Recipients of the video link do not need a Seekube account. They just have to log in using the link at the start of the interview. In addition, Teams for web browser do not require any apps or download.

So, now you know all about interviewing with multiple recruiters. Happy interviewing! πŸŽ‰

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