🎙 Recording a live conference

Speakers, in this article you will find out how to record a BigMarker live event organised on Seekube and then get the video afterwards.

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If you have chosen to use BigMarker, our default external tool for live sessions, you can record your conferences and get a copy of the recordings once the live sessions are over.

🚨 Only speakers can record live sessions and the recording only starts once the conference is underway (after the test page).


Before you start, you have to enable the recording option:

  • Open the control panel on the right.

  • Click on the Recording tab in this menu and then on Start Recording.

  • To stop recording, click on Stop Recording in the same place.


When the live session has finished, BigMarker will email the conference speakers and participants a link to download the recording.

🚨 Seekube does not offer the option to replay live sessions directly on the platform.

Here's to a successful event! ✨

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