The day before the start of your interviews, you will be emailed a PDF document containing your interview schedule and the candidates' CVs.

The email subject will be: "Your interview schedule". You just have to click on Download your Schedule to get the document:


Once the event is over and/or if you cannot find the interview schedule email, you can download the CVs of the candidates you met at the job dating event.

🚨 You cannot bulk download the CVs of the candidates who attended the event. You have to download the CVs of candidates on the Sourcing tab one by one.

Once the event has closed:

  • Go to your completed job fairs from your account homepage.

  • On the relevant job dating card, click on "Download all CVs of candidates I met":

  • Once the export is complete, you will receive an email with the CVs in PDF format. This may take up to half a day, depending on how many CVs have to be extracted.

💡 You can even download the CVs of candidates you met when the CV library is closed.

🚨 The file will not contain the CVs of candidates your colleagues met. If you are coordinating the event and need to retrieve the CVs of all candidates met by all team members in your company, your colleagues will have to forward their CV export emails to you when they receive them.

So, now you know how to retrieve CVs in a click! 😌

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