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📥 Book an appointment or a 1/1 Chat with a recruiter
📥 Book an appointment or a 1/1 Chat with a recruiter

Candidates, in this article you'll find out how to book a meeting with a recruiter you're interested in, for an interview or a 1/1 Chat.

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Are you looking for an internship, work placement or permanent contract? In this article you'll find out how to book interviews for the jobs you're interested in!


Once you have registered at one or more events, you'll be able to access job offers and express your interest to recruiters at a job dating event.

  • Go to the My Jobdatings section on your homepage and enter your chosen event to see the jobs companies have posted.

  • Open the job offer you're interested in by clicking on it and apply using the Make Appointment button:

💡 No more time slots available? Click on Join Waiting List.

  • Check the criteria one by one to make sure your profile matches the job offer.

  • You will then be invited to choose a time slot in the interviewer's calendar:

  • Once the time slot has been booked, you will be sent an email to notify you that an appointment has been requested. However, it still has to be confirmed by the interviewer.

⚡️ At some events, appointment bookings are not automatic. You just have to click on the Apply button on the job offer page and wait for your application to be processed by the person in charge of recruitment at the company. You will receive an email reply when your application has been processed. If the response is positive, you will be invited to choose a time slot.

🚨 Please note that some events may be hybrids (On-site + Virtual participation types). To know more about this kind of events, click here.


The 1/1 Chats tab is only available on some events. It allows you to meet with recruiters without the exchange being centered and/or related to a specific job offer. To request a 1/1 Chat, go to the dedicated tab and,

  • Choose the recruiter you are interested in meeting and click on the "Book" button :

  • Then select a date and time for the meeting, directly from the recruiter's schedule and click Next

  • Add a short personalized message explaining why you would like to meet with this recruiter and click on Set Appointment :

💡 In this field you can express all your motivations to the person in charge of the interviews, so it is very important to fill it in !

  • Once the slot is booked, an email notification is sent to your email address to let you know that the appointment is booked. The person you requested the appointment from will then have to confirm your request.

Good luck with your interviews! 🔆

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