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The organizer can control the preparation of my company
The organizer can control the preparation of my company

Calling all recruiters! In this article, find out more about how organisers access your company set-up for job-dating events.

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If you’ve received this email while a job-dating event is under-way, it means the organiser would like to access your company’s set-up: in other words, they’d like to help you put together your stand and offers, and they’ve chosen you as a lead contact for handling this access.

You can either grant or deny access by clicking on the “Respond to the request” button.

If we don’t hear back from you within three working days of this email, access will automatically be granted, but you can change your mind at any time.

✅ If you grant access, the organiser will be able to:

  • Edit the stand

  • Add offers

  • Edit offer filters

  • Put offers that don’t match the event into draft mode

❌ The organiser will NOT, however, be able to:

  • Add/Change/Delete your staff’s slots

  • Access your personal data or details of your organisation’s members

  • Take over set-up for other events without the company’s permission

Good to know:

  1. Any action taken by the organiser will only impact on the event in question.

  2. Should the organiser make any changes:

    • You will be notified of the changes made by email and on the platform

    • You and your staff will be able to change the information again at a later stage

  3. You can withdraw access at any time.

Enjoy your event! 🎉

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