To be able to apply for jobs on Seekube you have to:

  • Be registered on the platform and have completed your profile (Introduction, CV, Career, Search).

  • Participate in one or more job dating events (list accessible on the homepage in the Explore our Jobdating Events section).

💡 On Seekube, the vast majority of events allow you to see and apply to offers. On some events (if the feature is enabled) you can also access more spontaneous exchanges, 1/1 Chats, available from a specific tab and that allow you to schedule appointments with recruiters without them being related to an offer.


Once you have created your account on

  • Check out the Explore our Jobdating Events section on the homepage and select an event you're interested in (which isn't private).

  • On the event page, click on Participate and check/complete the information in your profile.

  • Enter all the required information about your job search and click on See Opportunities to access job offers:

🚨 If the option See Opportunities / Enter is disabled, it means you have forgotten to complete one or more mandatory fields.

💡 Some events are hybrids. Don't hesitate to register to both participation types (virtual + on-site) to access more opportunities and companies. Click here to know more.


Once you have created your account on

  • Click on the invitation link sent to you by the school

  • OR enter the event password provided by the school on the jobdating page.

🚨 If you did not receive an invitation email or password to participate in your school event, please get in touch with your school or contact us on


Once you have registered for one or more events, you'll be able to access job offers and express your interest to recruiters attending the job dating event.

On the Offers tab of an event, you can find every available offers during this event, you'll be able to apply by choosing a timeslot with a recruiter.

If 1/1 chats are available on the event you're participating, they're visible in a separate 1/1 chat tab. You can ask for an interview more spontaneous, not linked to an offer.

💡 Do you want to respond to a job offer? Read this article to find out how.

🚨 Do you want to cancel your registration at a job dating event? Contact us by email or using the chat bubble on our website.

So, now you know all about participating in a job dating event! Good luck! 🎈

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