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Candidates, find out everything you need to know about appointment booking closing dates at a job dating event.

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At a job dating event, we usually close applications the day before the job fair so that recruiters can establish their final schedule and plan their individual interviews.

If this message is displayed at an ongoing job dating event, it means the appointment booking phase for this job fair has closed. In other words, the schedules have been finalised:

❌ This means you can no longer:

  • Apply for a job

  • Respond to an interview invitation (accept, decline, choose a time slot)

  • Move an appointment.

✅ However, until the end of the event you can still:

🚨 If you received any last-minute invitations or did not have time to select a time slot, unfortunately Seekube will not be able to provide the email addresses of interviewers. However, you can contact them directly via LinkedIn.

Once the schedules have been finalised, it's interview time! 🥳

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