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Recruiters, this article tells you all about appointment booking closing dates at a job dating event.

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To give you a clear picture of your upcoming interviews, we usually close appointment bookings the day before the job fair, so you have your final schedule and can start planning your interviews.

The appointment booking closing date is shown in the Jobdating section on the Interviews tab:

If this message is displayed at an ongoing job dating event, it means the appointment booking phase for this job fair has closed. In other words, the schedules have been finalised:

❌ This means you can no longer:

  • Offer appointments via the platform

  • Move interviews.

✅ However, you can still:

  • View the Sourcing tab to source profiles at the event and offer interviews outside of the platform

🚨 Once the appointment booking phase has closed, candidates can no longer apply for jobs or respond to invitations to book interviews or time slots. If you sent your requests or made changes too close to the time the appointment bookings closed, some candidates may not have enough time to respond (their profiles will stay on the Awaiting Candidate Response tab).

Once the schedules have been finalised, it's interview time! 🥳

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