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πŸŽ’ Starting an interview with a recruiter
πŸŽ’ Starting an interview with a recruiter

Candidates, in this article you will find out how to start an interview with a recruiter.

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The interview method is shown on each interview card on the platform's My Interviews tab:

πŸ’‘ The recruiters choose the interview method (telephone/video) when they add their availability slots. As a candidate, you will not be able to change this parameter.


For a telephone interview, the interviewer will contact you directly on the phone number shown in your profile:

🚨 Make sure that you can be reached on this phone number at the time of the interview and that the number is correct. You can change this information in your profile settings, which can be accessed from the top right drop-down menu.


πŸ’‘ You don't have to download any software to log in to your video interviews on Seekube!
For a video interview, you just have to log in to the platform to meet the recruiter(s):

  • Once you are in the relevant job fair, go to the My Interviews tab:

  • At the time of the interview, simply click on Join Video Call to go to the Teams video call room.

🚨 The video link will appear when the interviewer confirms your appointment; you'll also find it in the interview confirmation email.


For on-site interviews, you will find the date, time and location of your meeting in the "My Interviews" tab :

πŸ’‘ To know more about on-site interviews and hybrid events, check this article !

Did nobody turn up at your interview? πŸ˜• Read this article to find out how to reschedule it.

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