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🔗 Where to find the speaker login link for a live session
🔗 Where to find the speaker login link for a live session

Recruiters, this article will show you how to easily find the speaker login links for live sessions at a conference.

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When a live session is created at an event - whatever tool is used - each speaker is emailed a login link for the conference, which can also be found on the platform.


If you are registered with Seekube, you will find the login link for each speaker's live session on your dashboard.

  • Once on the platform, enter the job dating event where the conference you created or are participating in has been published.

  • Go to the Live Sessions tab and then to the Published Live Sessions section, where you will see your upcoming conferences.

  • On the live session card, click on See Links to access the speaker login links:


If you don't have a Seekube account and you have to speak at a live session, your login link will have been sent to you when the conference was created in an email entitled 'You are invited to a "Conference Title" live session':

If you cannot find this email, please contact the person who created the conference or email us at 💬

💡 Before you speak at a live session, please familiarise yourself with the setup needed to use the BigMarker tool correctly.

Find out how to record a conference by clicking here. Enjoy your live sessions! 🎥

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