Once you have created a conference at a job dating event, it will appear in the list of live sessions at the event and candidates are free to register for it via the platform.

💡 You cannot choose or sort the participants at your conference: registrations are on a voluntary basis.


To view the list of people registered for your live session:

  • Go to the platform, enter the job dating event where the conference you created or are participating in was published and click on the Live Sessions tab.

💎 If you are a member of a Seekube client company, click on the Live Sessions tab of your dashboard homepage.

  • In the Published Live Sessions (upcoming conferences) or Completed Live Sessions section, click on See Registered Participants to view the list:

💡 Once the live session is complete, you can also find out who actually attended the conference from the tags on each participant's card:

To find out how to boost the turnout at your conferences, click here! 📈

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