🗓 Differences between interview and 1/1 Chat time slots

Recruiters, in this article, we talk you through the differences between interview time slots and 1/1 Chat slots.

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Time slots are key to preparing in the lead-up to a job dating event. Without time slots in place, you won’t get the most out of the event and you won’t be able to meet candidates, either.


🚨 Important 🚨

As a recruiter, you can only meet with a candidate once during the same event, whether you choose an interview or a 1/1 Chat.


On Seekube, an interview is an introductory exchange with a candidate based on (and linked to) a specific job opening.

💡 Click here to learn how to post a job offer.

An interview offer (or request) can be made by either the recruiter or the candidate via the Sourcing tab.

  • If the interview request is made by the candidate, you’ll be able to either accept or decline the appointment.

  • If the offer is made by the recruiter, the candidate will be able to schedule themselves into the interview leader’s calendar directly, available time slots permitting.

💡 Click here to find out how to source candidates.


The idea behind the 1/1 Chats is to foster open, unstructured conversation between recruiters and candidates without any specific job opening at play.

Candidates can schedule themselves into your calendar directly using the dedicated tab for 1/1 Chat slots. You then have the option of either accepting or turning down these requests.

The value of the 1/1 Chats for recruiters and candidates alike is manifold:

  • They give candidates the opportunity to find out more about your company in a more relaxed setting,

  • They give candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves and meet you, even if none of your job openings match what they’re looking for.

  • They give you the opportunity to spot profiles that may align with future needs.

💡 Are you a training organization, do you provide education services ? 1/1 Chats are ideal for introducing your establishment, a course, or a training program, and let you engage with potential new students!


Below is a table to help you explore when you might use these two different ways of interacting depending on your needs:


1/1 Chats


Connect with profiles who are interested in your job offers and match your criteria

Introduce your company to candidates interested in finding out more

Receive unsolicited applications not linked to current job offers and openings


Get deeper insight into a candidate’s profile and background

Introduce a course

Spark interest and inspire rarer profile types (tech/sales) to apply

🚨 Please note! For some jobdating events, if the organiser(s) so choose, the 1/1 Chat interview mode may be disabled.

👉 Opening 1/1 Chat and Interview slots is easy!

  • Head over to your Seekube calendar and select “Add time slots”,

  • Pick your slot type (1/1 Chat OR interview) and fill in the form in the editor window on the left-hand side of the screen:

📢 Please make sure to complete the "Description” field if you’re opting for a 1/1 Chat. If you don’t, you won’t be able to confirm the slots you want to add. For more information on adding availability to your calendar, click here.

Now you’re ready to meet your candidates! Get up to speed on all the preparation steps over here!

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