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πŸ€“ Recruiters' guide : participating to hybrid events
πŸ€“ Recruiters' guide : participating to hybrid events

Recruiters, discover in this article all the specifics of hybrid events, how to differentiate them and participate !

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Hybrid events on Seekube are composed of two key moments :

  • a virtual one, on the platform

  • and an on-site one, in a given place on a given date.

Depending on what was agreed upon with the organizers when your company registered, you will participate in one or both of the two highlights.

🚨 On Seekube, 2 key-moments (or participation types) = only 1 hybrid event !



πŸ“Œ How do I know my participation type?

  • As soon as you're added on the event (by an organiser or one of your colleagues), you will receive an invitation email stating your participation type, meaning which key-moment.s you've been registered for :

  • The participation type will also appear in the reminder emails inviting you to finish your preparation to the event.

πŸ’‘ To edit the registration and participation type of your company, please contact directly the organiser of the event.

πŸ“Œ How to know under which participation I'm adding availability slots ?

  • If your company has registered for the on-site AND virtual participation, you can choose - from your calendar - under which you would like to add time slots :

πŸ‘‰ You can also see the number of available slots already added to your calendar, their type (Interview or 1/1 Chat, if enabled) and the related key-moment (On-site or Virtual).

πŸ’‘ To quickly identify if a date is On-site or Virtual, please refer to the tags under each day : "On-site" / "On-site & Virtual" / "Virtual".


πŸ“Œ I am registered under both highlights (on-site + virtual), are there two deadlines for processing applications and closing schedules ?

  • If your company registered for both participation types (on-site AND virtual), it is likely that there are two il y a de fortes chances qu'il y ai two deadlines for the processing of applications (closing of schedules).

  • You can see these dates :

    • Directly in your professional calendar if you have enabled the calendar synchronization and chosen the "key dates" parameter (RECOMMENDED, click here to know more),

    • From the Interviews tab under the Jobdating section of the event

    • From the main page, by clicking on See key-dates on the card of any event


πŸ“Œ Who can see my offers, book time slots and participate to my team's live conferences ?

  • If you company registered to only ONE of the participation types, you will only be visible for candidates who registered to the SAME key moment.

  • Example β†’ Your company will only be participating on-site, so candidates who registered only for the virtual part won't be able to see you company stand, apply to your offers or participate to the lives published by your company on this event.

🚨 On your side, you will be able to meet and see ONLY the candidates registered to the same participation type.s as your company's (unless you participate in physical AND virtual).

πŸ’‘ Each candidate's participation type is indicated by the icon under their profile picture. The "wi-fi" icon means the candidate registered to the virtual part of the event and the "localisation" icon means he registered to the on-site part. If both appear, the candidate participates to both.

πŸ’‘ To edit your company's terms of registration and participation please contact directly the event's organizer.

πŸ“Œ What's the difference between an interview time slot and a 1/1 Chat slot (if the feature is enabled on the event) ?

  • Interview time slots are related to an offer, candidates can book interview slots after applying to offers you've published ; the exchange will be centered around the offer, most of the time in a recruitment process

  • 1/1 Chats are informal exchanges, non-related to offers ; they allow you to discuss with candidates more freely than in a regular recruitment interview

πŸ“Œ Can I have only interviews slots for the virtual part and only 1/1 Chats (if enabled) for the on-site part, or the other way around ?

  • Yes ! You are free to choose whatever type of time slots you want, on the virtual or on-site part, or even both. It is possible on each key-moment to have both types of time slots or only one on all your participation types.

  • Example β†’ My company registered for the virtual AND the on-site part and the 1/1 Chats feature is enabled on the event. I will not be there for the on-site part and I don't have any offer to publish but I still want to meet with candidates. Then, I will only add 1/1 Chat time slots under the virtual part of the event.

πŸŽ‡ You now know everything about hybrid events ! If you have any further question, or didn't find the answer you were looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the chat box or via email at

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