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Recruiters, find out how to add time slots to your calendar so you can meet with students

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🚨 Adding time slots is one of the three preparatory steps you need to complete to meet with candidates: see them here!


💡 Before adding your time slots, make sure the time zone in your profile matches your current location:

As well as posting jobs, you have to enter your availability so that candidates can request an appointment in your calendar.

  • In the Preparation section of the platform, go to the Time Slots tab to open your calendar and click on Add a Time Slot:

💎 If you are part of a Seekube client company, click here to read an article about your interface.

  • When the calendar window opens, click on Add Time Slots on the top left to open time slot editing mode.

  • Then select the interview method and time slot duration:

💡 If 1/1 Chats (informal meetings, not linked to an offer) have been activated on the event you are participating in, make sure to choose the meeting mode that suits you when adding the slots. You will also need to add a short description of the informal meeting for the candidates.

💡 If you are participating to an hybrid event, an other choice is available when configuring time slots : meeting mode. You can choose between Virtual or On-site as you prefer.

🚨 You cannot change the duration or interview method of appointments already booked in your calendar; however, you can add several types of time slots with different durations and interview methods.

  • Click and drag your chosen times to add slots for meeting candidates.

  • Check the “Reserve these time slots (...)" box if you want them to only be bookable by candidates from a particular job fair (the one selected in the drop-down menu above the calendar):

🚨 If the “Reserve these time slots (...)” box is not checked, any time slots you add will be shared across all VIRTUAL events taking place simultaneously on the chosen date. This means they will be bookable by candidates from all the online events held that day.

  • Finally, click on Add X time slots to save your availability.

💡 Do you want to add time slots for a another member of your team? Select your colleague in the drop-down “Calendar for” menu and add their availability!

Have you entered your availability in the calendar? Don't forget to publish your stand and add your job offers! 😉

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