📤 Offering candidates interviews at a job dating event

Recruiters, in this article you will find out how to use the Sourcing tab to offer candidates interviews at a job dating event.

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The Sourcing tab shows all the candidates who attended an event and did not book appointments for any of your job offers. From this list you can:

  • Filter and sort the profiles of people who attended the event.

  • Offer interviews to candidates who meet your requirements.

💡 You will be able to access this tab at the start of the application processing phase. If there is an orange banner stating that the event schedule is finalised, you will no longer be able to request an appointment. To find out more, read this article.


To help you source the profiles of candidates who meet your requirements, we offer the following: Filters that help you find candidates whose search criteria match your job offers. A "Sort by" feature → Relevance or New Participants.

💡 A cross on a candidate's card allows you to hide their profile. You will then find their record on the Rejected tab. Before or after the interviews are held, you can use the Top Profiles and Talent Pool tabs to categorise the profiles that caught your eye. To find out more click here.


To invite a candidate to meet you or one of your team members for an interview:

  • Enter the relevant job fair, go to the Jobdating section and click on the Sourcing tab.

  • Filter the list of profiles to match your search criteria.

  • To offer a candidate an interview, click on the green envelope on their card:

  • When the interview invitation window opens, select an interviewer and a job offer (optional), personalise your message and click on Offer an Interview:

  • Once you have sent the invitation, the candidate will receive an email notification inviting them to book an appointment in your Seekube calendar.

💡 If you are the interviewer, you will find the candidate's profile on the Interviews > Awaiting Candidate Response tab. If you selected another team member to be the interviewer, the profile will be on the Interviews > Others > Transferred tab.

So, now you know how to offer interviews to candidates. Happy interviewing! 🎉

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