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Recruiters, in this article we explain how to process the applications you receive at a job dating event.

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At a job dating event, candidates can book appointments freely into your time slots via your job postings before you can access their profiles.

The different tabs in the Job dating section allow you to view resumes, process requests and offer and reschedule appointment times. These tabs are accessible from the date you can access the candidate profiles until the event schedules close (click here to find out more).

🚨 Dashboards are individual. This means you cannot see or process applications received by your team members from your account. However, you can transfer candidates and appointments to other members of the same team at a job dating event. Read this article to find out more.


The Interviews tab is divided into 5 subsections:

  • "New - to be processed" shows all the candidates who have booked one of your time slots. They are appointment requests awaiting confirmation (or rejection) from you;

  • "Confirmed" shows the interviews you have confirmed or that were automatically confirmed when the appointment booking phase closed (find out how to cancel a confirmed appointment in this article);

  • "Pending candidate response" shows all the appointment requests and proposed changes to interview times still awaiting a response from the candidates concerned;

  • "Refused by candidate" shows the profiles of candidates that did not give a favourable response to your request for an interview;

  • "Transferred" shows the profiles of candidates you have transferred to another team member.

💡 If 1/1 Chats (informal meetings, not related to a specific offer) have been activated on the event you are participating to, the "Applied to" section will display 1/1 Chat on the cards of candidates who have requested this type of meeting.


The Sourcing tab shows all the candidates present at the event who did not respond to any of your job postings.

In this section, you can filter profiles and offer appointments to candidates who meet your search criteria:

💡 You can also suggest a candidate meets one of your colleagues by transferring their profile! Find out how by clicking here.


The waiting list shows candidates who have expressed an interest in a job posting and would like to meet you, but have not been able to book an appointment as you had no free time slots left. You can offer them appointments to them by clicking on Accept:

When you click on Accept, you invite the candidate to select a time slot in your calendar. Their profile will move to the Interviews > Pending candidate response tab and once the time slot has been booked, the appointment will be automatically confirmed.

⚡️ For some events, the appointment confirmation is not automatic; in other words, the candidates do not have access to your calendar in advance. The Waiting list tab is then replaced by an Applications tab that shows the candidates who have applied for a job you posted. In this instance, you have to process the applications and invite the candidates whose profiles you like to select a time slot in your calendar (these profiles will then appear on the Interviews > Awaiting candidate response tab).


Before or after the interviews are held, you can use the Top profiles and Talent pool tabs to categorize the profiles that caught your attention.

To move profiles to these tabs from the Sourcing, Waiting list or Applications tab, click on the three small dots on the profile card and select Move > Top profiles/Talent pool:

💡 From the Interviews tab, you must first open the student card to move their profile.

🚨 If you move a candidate from the Interviews tab before processing the appointment request, a pop-up window will advise you that you will no longer be able to accept or refuse the interview. If you want to move profiles to these tabs, we recommend you do it once the interview is complete.


All candidates whose appointment requests you turn down appear in the rejected section. Their time slots will be freed up for other candidates and an unsuccessful notification will be emailed to them (same for profiles on the Waiting list and Applications tabs).

You can also move profiles you have not interacted with to this category without the candidates receiving an email notification:

  • From the Sourcing tab by clicking on the Hide button

  • From Top profiles or Talent pool by clicking on the three small dots on the profile card and selecting Move > Rejected.

Did you cancel an appointment with a candidate by mistake?

If you want to offer an appointment to a rejected job dating candidate, you can go to the rejected tab and click on the three small dots on their profile card. You can then click on the Ask for an interview tab and follow the instructions to send the candidate an interview request.

Happy interviewing! 🎉

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