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🏷 Differences between the project manager and recruiter status
🏷 Differences between the project manager and recruiter status

Recruiters, in this article you'll find out the difference between a project manager and a recruiter status at an event.

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At a virtual job dating event, each team member's account is allocated one of two statuses:

  • Recruiter

  • or Manager


Team members with recruiter status have access to the following two preparation tabs:

  • Job postings β†’ Allowing you to post the jobs you are responsible for.

  • Time slots β†’ For entering your availability for interviews so that candidates can add themselves to your calendar.


πŸ’‘ To become a project manager, a recruiter has to be allocated this status by another project manager from their job dating team or has to contact us via the chat.

Manager status gives you access to two additional tabs, offering you a broader view of the event:

  • Members β†’ Allows you to manage team members at the event (add them, remove them and change their status)

  • Stand β†’ For publishing and modifying your company stand on the platform.

πŸ’‘ Just like the recruiter, the manager can schedule appointments to meet candidates by adding job postings and availability slots.

🚨 If a manager accidentally removes their status, it can only be reinstated by contacting us.

Now you know all about the different statuses you can have on the platform! πŸ”₯

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